How do I set availability for my products?

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Setting up your availability is a key part of getting your products ready for booking.  You do not want your inventory to overbook or get double booked, so setting the rules for your availability is very important.  To setup your availability, navigate to the Reservations Rules page of your product setup. 

Go to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select a product to Edit (or Add Product) - Reservation Rules.

The first section, Availability Calculation, is where you will tell the system how to measure availability for your inventory.

Valid options are Number of units or Number of people.

  • Use Number of units if you are booking a fixed set of units, such a a room, cabin, campsite, bike, or boat.  If you only have one unit to book, then this should be set at '1'.  This means that you only have one item, and it can only be booked once per time period.  If you have multiples of the same item, then set this number of how many you have that can be booked at the same time. 
  • Choose Number of people if the availability is based on the number of people that can reserve at the same time, such as a Tour, Group/Shared rooms, or Activity.  This refers to the maximum number of persons that can book this product during a certain time frame, and could mean from different bookings (or groups).  

The next section, Number of persons (per reservation), is an additional setting where you can set your minimum/maximum number of persons that can be booked in a single reservation.

In the example setup below, the setting shows that this lodging business has 3 Golden Rooms in inventory and each room can fit a maximum of 4 persons per reservation.



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