Setting up Person Categories

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When setting up your inventory, you may want to know how many adults, children, or seniors will be in each reservation.  You're able to set pre-defined person categories in the reservation rules, or define your own.  This is important if you have different rates for adults, children, or seniors.

To enable pre-defined person categories, this is done on the product level.  Navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules.  Select your product.  Click on Reservation Rules from the left column. 

In the second section, Number of Persons (per reservation), you will see the default person category options.



Default Person Categories:



Define your own categories:

You are able to define your own categories, too.  To do this, navigate to Setup - Business Information - Advanced Options.  Scroll down to the Person Categories section on this page. 

Here are the steps to set up specific person categories: 

1. Name each category in the available fields (Label)

2. Choose whether you want each category to be included in the availability and pricing count (the default is yes for both).

3. Click Save and Continue at the bottom of the screen.



Next, you'll want to enable the categories in your product setup.  The system gives you the option to enable categories per product, so defining them here doesn't require you to show these categories for each one of your products.  

To enable custom person categories:

1. Go to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules. Click one of your products to edit.

2. Click on the link on the left navigation bar for Reservation Rules

3.  In the Number of persons (per reservation) section, choose from the drop down menu the new person category titles you created.

4. Define a maximum number of each person category, if applicable. Click Save and Continue.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for your additional inventory.


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