Choosing the Reservation Type

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When setting up your inventory, you'll have to select what type of booking for your products.  Types includes Daily, Nightly, Hourly, or Schedules.

To set up, navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - Add Product (or select a product to Edit) - Reservation Type

See Options described below:

Reservation Type Definition Examples


Choose this type if you book your products by the day or one or more days. car rentals, boat rentals, equipment rentals, facility rentals
Nightly Choose this type if you book for one or more nights. vacation rentals, bed & breakfast rooms, RV rentals, camp sites
Hourly Choose this type if your reservations are less than a day or a combination of hourly, half day, full day and multi-day reservations. boat rentals, watersport rentals, bike rentals
Schedules Choose this type is you book set time slots on a daily basis.

tours and activities including food tours, boat tours, skydiving, paddleboard trips, etc.



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