How do I create or edit a Product?

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A product as defined by the WebReserv system is any item, rental, room, or tour that is bookable by or for your customers.  It is your main set of inventory.  Different than Add-ons which are additional items that can be booked along with your products.  For example, if you have a cabin rental, your product is the cabin(s).  If you are a boat rental, your product is the boat(s).  If you are a tour business, the tour or activity is your product.

Each product comes with its own set of rules, type, rates. In addition, you can customize each product to have its own email as well as add-ons and custom fields.  This allows for you to have different types of products (i.e. campsites and kayak rentals) setup within the same account.

When going through the Initial Setup, you were able to get a good start on setting up your products.  You can create new products as you expand your offerings.

To do so, navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules.




On this page, you can do the following actions:

  1. Edit an existing product by clicking the name or Edit
  2. Add new products by clicking on Add Product
  3. Change the order of how the products are listed by selecting Change Display Order
  4. Delete products.  You can also view Deleted Products from this page, too.  Products can be Undeleted if needed, too.



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