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One of the many benefits of having an account with WebReserv is that your business is listed on for customers to find and book with you.  The site has real-time availability and connected to your system, so if a booking is made, it will automatically update on your Master Calendar and adjust availability accordingly.  To ensure your business listing looks amazing, you'll want to make sure you Business Information is up to date.

To do this, navigate to Setup - Business Information in your account.

Ensure your Contact Info, Facebook and Twitter information is current on the Address page.

Add your business categories via the Category page.  Adding categories will ensure that your business will come up in a search on

Add a great description of your business.  This is the first bit of information that your customers will see from your listing page.  Make sure it outlines all your offerings in an enticing way.  To add your business description, go to Setup - Business Information - Description.

Here's how it looks on

Tip! You can also add to the Features & Attractions page to include some additional information about your rentals or area.

Add Great Pictures.  Pictures of your offerings is a must add to the site.  This gives the customer a great visual of what you offer, and helps them to decide to book with you. You can add up to 20 pictures for your business, and can include a short description of each picture.

To add, navigate to Setup - Business Information - Pictures.  Select Choose File to upload a picture from your computer.  Once you find the picture, select Upload.

Here's how the pictures will show on your listing page on

One final tip - Review and Update often.  Take the time to review your listing page often to ensure that your pictures and descriptions are up to date.  Seeing the most recent information on this page that matches what you have on your website will let the customer know that you are engaged and care about how your business is presented.

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