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Great news!  You've made the smart choice to use WebReserv as your online booking system.  You're account has been activated, and now you're ready to get started.  This article will focus on the Initial Setup of your account.  This setup should only take a few minutes, and will help you begin to learn the different sections of the system.  For more advanced setup options, you can use the quick start guides that are specific to an industry (Rentals, Tours, Lodging), or use the Knowledge Base articles to find your specific setup question (Add ons, Email Templates, Discounts, etc.)
Step 1 - General Business Information
This information will be pre-populated based on the information you entered when you created the account.  You can make edits and additions on the page, however.  This information is important as it is how your customers will reach you.  Include your address, email address, and web address that you want to be used for communication with your customers.
Step 2 - Business Category
Select the category on this page that most closely matches your industry.  This is important in how your business is listed on WebReserv's Marketplace and also determines how some sections of your setup will be worded (i.e. Rental vs Room, for example).
Step 3 - Booking Type
Select your booking and inventory type.  Generally if you are a rental company, your bookings will be daily or hourly.  If you offer both (i.e. Half Day, Full Day, Multi Day) then choose the Hourly type.  Rental inventory is usually based on number of units (boats, bikes).  The Lodging industry is almost always Nightly type based on number of units (rooms, cabins, campsites), and Tours/Activities will be Schedules with the availability based on number of persons.
Step 4 - Inventory & Rates
Here you can get a jump start on your inventory and pricing.  Enter the name of your inventory in the Product column, how many you have in the Units column, and then your pricing in the desired Rate Category.  If you're not ready to enter this information, no worries, you can easily Skip this Step of the Initial Setup.
Step 5 - Initial Setup Completed
At this point, you have completed the initial setup, but there's more to do!  Navigate to the Setup menu to:

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