Setting up a Cancellation Policy

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Many businesses have rules and fees in place for cancellations.  The WebReserv system can automatically handle cancellations and calculate cancellation fees.

To set up these rules and fees in the system, go to Setup - Business Information - Changes & Cancellations.

 Here you are able to enter up to 3 rules for your business. Each rule has the following options:

  • Cancellation time (prior to arrival date)
  • Penalty fee - can be a fee or a pecentage
  • option to allow the customer to cancel on their own (using MyReservations*)

In the example below, you will see the 3 rules:

Rule #1 - If cancelled less than 1 day in advance, the penalty is 100%.

Rule #2 - if cancelled less than 7 days in advance but more than 1 day, the penalty is 25%.

Rule #3 - this rule of less than 365 days is added to allow customers to cancel the reservation more than 7 days in advance with a $25 penalty.

MyReservations: when Allow customer to cancelis set to Yes, customers are allowed to cancel their own reservations only*if you have the link to MyReservations added to your confirmation email.


The system has set the cancellation rules to follow a "Less than" rule (i.e. "less than" 1 day). Sometimes businesses have cancellations rules that are focused on "More than".  This feature is able to handle these rules as well.  For example, a business allows customers to cancel more than 30 days in advance with a $45 cancellation fee.  If a customer cancels in less than 30 days, then cancellation is not allowed.

The cancellation rules will look this this:


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