How do I charge an extra person fee?

If you have a lodging business, you may have pricing rules that change dependent on the number of people booked in a reservation.  This is usually called an 'extra person' fee.  WebReserv is able to accommodate for rate changes based on the number of person booked, called Per Person (Variable) pricing.  

To set up, first you'll define your maximum persons per booking in the Reservation Rules.  When defining the rules, set the maximum capacity for that rental including the extra persons.

To access the Reservation Rules for the product, go to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select the product to Edit.  Go to the Reservation Rules page.  Set your maximum in the section section, Number of persons (per reservation).



Next, go to Setup - Rates, open your existing Rate List.  Find the rental in the list from the Product column, and in the Rate is column, choose Per person (variable).  Doing so will open up the person columns for each Rate Category (i.e. Weekday, Weekend, Daily), indicated by 1, 2, 3, etc. up to the previously set maximum capacity.   

To enter the variable rate, include the standard rate in each column that it applies to, and then add the extra person rate in the additional columns. 

For example, a cabin has a maximum capacity of 6 people.  The nightly rate is $100 for up to 4 guests and the extra person fee is $25 for guest 5 & 6.  In the Rate List, enter $100 in columns 1 - 4 and add the $25 to the nightly rate for column 5, and an additional $25 in column 6. 

This is illustrated in the screenshot below:


When your customers are booking, they will pick their dates and enter the number of people in their group.  Depending on that number, the system will calculate the correct nightly right including the extra person fee as setup in the Rate List.




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