WebReserv calendar synchronization using iCal integration

WebReserv allows you to sync bookings from the system into other calendars that accept iCal URLs. You can sync into other calendars such as Airbnb, Apple, and Google Calendar.  

Note: the calendar sync is one way - bookings from WebReserv can show on other calendars, but bookings you receive from other calendars have to be entered in WebReserv manually.

To access the URLs in your WebReserv account, go to the Setup →Business Information → Advanced Options.  You’ll see the iCal section under External Calendar Synchronization (iCal, Airbnb, Google, Apple and others).



Here you can select which URL you want to add to your external calendar ⇒ choose All or just for a certain product.  Copy the URL and paste into your other calendars.

Note: Each external calendar integration will have its own steps to add the URL.  See the Help for that calendar for complete instructions.  

In addition, you can further customize the data that is shown on the calendar using keywords from the booking.  Enter your choice of text and keywords in the Title and Body section of the setup, and this information will populate your calendar when a new booking is made in WebReserv.



Once you add the URL to the chosen calendar, then when you receive a booking in WebReserv, it will be shown on the calendar on the day of the booking.





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