How do I add a Product Filter to the Booking Calendar?

If your business rents out different types of products such as boats and cabins and you want to separate the calendars on your website, then using the Product Filter is the best way to achieve this.  It is also useful if you want a separate booking page for each of your rentals.  Adding a product filter to the booking calendar will instruct the system to only show the calendar for the products you designate in the booking calendar code.

In order to add a filter to the calendar, you will need to access the product ID for your products in the system.  See the article here.  Once you access the product id's for your products, you will then copy the code from the Website tab and add the parameter &productfilter=PRODUCTID.  You will need to add the parameter in two places within the code.  See example of code below that will only show one product, Premium Pontoon Boat:

Pro Tip: You cannot edit the code within the Website page, so you will need to copy the code and paste it into an editable document such as Notepad, Notes, or Word.

When this code is embedded onto a page on your website, it will only show the one product specified by the filter.

You also have the ability to add multiple products using the filter.  For example, you have 2 cabin rentals that you want to show on one calendar and 2 boat rentals that you want to show on another calendar on your website.  In order to show more than one product on a calendar, you will add multiple product IDs separated by a comma. See example in the code below:

How the calendar looks embedded onto your website:

Important! Adding a product filter will not allow a customer to use this calendar to book any of your other products within the same reservation.  If you do want to allow customers to book more than one product at a time, then using the product filter parameter is not recommended.  Alternatively, you should use the page & ptid parameter as described in this article: Opening the booking calendar showing a specific room/rental/tour.

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