How do I edit a booking?

If you need to make changes to an existing booking such as switching dates, adding people, or changing the product, you can easily do that in the system using Frontdesk.

To view or modify an existing reservation, find the reservation first by going to Frontdesk - Reservations.  You can search for the booking by any of the search parameters on this page.

Once you find the booking, click the Reservation Code to open the booking.

Once you open the booking, you can make changes to most of the details including the Product, Dates, or Persons (or Units if applicable).

If changes are made to the Reservation Details, then you can use the Recalculate button in the Rate Details section which will update the pricing changes (if applicable).

Also, you can use the Add charge or Add discount buttons here to add custom charges/discounts on a reservation as needed.

You may need to edit Customer Information details, and that can be done on this page, too.  Simply enter the new details in the specific fields.  You can add add a Discount Code or Gift Card Code to this section here.  Use the Recalculate button in the Rate Details to update the pricing to reflect the code.

If you need to View or Add a Payment to the booking, you can click on the buttons to make additional payments or charge the balance due.  Also, you are able to update the credit card on file, if needed.

If you have Custom Fields setup in your account, then you can add any options in the Additional reservation requests section on this page.  If the option has an added price, then add it here, and use the Recalculate button in Payment Details.

You can also add additional comments, either in the Customer Comments section (seen by customer) or the Office Notes section (only seen by business) here.

Important! After you make changes to the booking, you must always SAVE the booking.  This will ensure that the changes made will be in place.  If you made changes to the Product, Dates, or number of persons, then a new email will send to the customer automatically.

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