How do I setup a promo code?

If you offer promotions and discounts to your customers, then you can setup codes in WebReserv that will apply the discount at checkout.

To create a promotional code, go to Setup - Discount Codes.  Select Add discount code.

Here you can fill out the info on the page to create your code:

Add Code: For promotional code, select the "Multi-use" option, and enter a discount code.  This is the code that you will advertise to your customers, and will need to properly apply the discount when booking.


Assign to your Products: Select the products (rental/rooms/tours) that the discount will apply to - select All, or choose from the list.  You can select more than one product.


Setup Valid dates for use: Set Valid Date for when the booking can be made AND the visit dates.


Add Optional settings, as needed: You can set up Minimum/Maximum booking rules such as time in advance, length, persons.  If these rules do not apply to this discount, leave the fields blank.


Add the Discount type: You can choose to add a discount amount ($ off the total), percentage (% off the total), or free persons discount.  In addition, select options including min/max discount amounts (if applicable), and select whether the discount will apply to any additional charges or add-ons (customer options).


Add day/time restrictions, if applicable: As an option, you can setup days and times that the discount is valid.  If you do not want it valid on a given day, then uncheck the day here.  For hourly or scheduled tour dates, you can also set times when the discount is valid.

blobid5.pngSave the setup, and you have now successfully created a promo code.  Now you can give the code to your customers to use when booking.

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