How do I set up 2 hour, half day, and full day pricing for my rentals?

The system has a very powerful pricing tool that allow you to setup a variety of rates for your rentals.  This is very helpful when you offer different rates based on the time booked (i.e. 4 hour rate, 8 hour rate, etc.). 

Note: Follow steps below after you have already created your Rentals in the Setup.  Setting up Pricing is the next step. 

For this article will explain how to setup common a pricing for rentals:

Length                    Price
2 Hours:                  $60
Half Day (4 hr):       $110
Full Day (8 hr):        $160 


To setup pricing, navigate to Setup - Rates in your WebReserv account.  Click on the Rate Categories from the left column. 

Rate Categories will define your different pricing options. Some will already be created for you when you activate your account, but you have to opportunity to customize and create new categories as needed. 


In the example above, the account is setup with an 8 hour category, but still needs a 4 hour and 2 hour created.  To create a new category, select Add category.

Here you can enter information into the following fields:

Name: The time period for the rate (i.e. 2 hours, 4 hours)

Description: short description of the rate (2 Hour rental)

Type: select "Period of time" from the drop down menu

Time is between: enter the time for which this rate applies.  For a 2 hour rental, this should be set to 2 hours.  For a 4 hour rental, 4 hours.

Rate is per: enter how the rate is calculated.  For a 2 hour rental, rate typically be calculated per 2 hours.

Once all the fields have been entered, save the new category.  Then follow the same steps above to create a 4 Hour category.


After creating the new Rate Categories, you are now ready to enter the pricing for each category.  Go to Setup - Rates, and click on the current Rate List. The Rate List is a table where you can enter rates for all your rental types. 

Pro Tip! If you have rental that is only offered for a Full Day, then you can enter the pricing in the 8 Hour category and leave the others blank.

As shown in the example, your Waverunner rentals are offered 2 Hour, Half Day (defined as 4 hours), and Full Day (defined as 8 hours) rental options.  Enter as shown below, and save your changes.



Done!  You have successfully created pricing categories for your rentals.  You can easily configure other pricing categories as needed, too.


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