How do I setup different booking lengths for my rentals?

If you offer flexible time rules for you rentals, such as Half Day, Full Day, Multi-Day, and Weekly options, then you can easily set this up in this system using Time Rules.

The Time Rules are setup when you choose the Reservation Type, Hourly, in the setup.  Navigate to Setup - Products & Reservation Rules - select your rental (or click Add Product to create a new one).  After you enter Name & Description, you'll define your Reservation Type.  Select Hourly and Save and continue.

First, enter Opening Hours.  These are the times that you are open for business.

Next, enter Date Settings & Date Format.  If you have varying lengths for booking, even if you have multi-day options, these settings must be set to "Reservation has a start date only" & "Customer can enter any date".  This is because the lengths that you input in the End Time setting below will determine the End Date, too.

After, enter the Start Times.  Here, you can choose which start time option (select from a list or intervals).  During booking, your customer will select based on settings here what time they want to pick up the rental.



Finally, create your lengths using the End Time setting, Customer must select a length from list.  This setting allow you to create any length that you want as well as different lengths option.  At checkout, the customer will be able to select from this list (as a drop down menu).  

Important!  In order for the system to be able to 'know' how long the length is that you are adding, you'll want to use the following format:

                     [0d4h0m] = 4 hours: 0 days, 4 hours, 0 minutes (must be within the brackets)

The example in the screenshot below has the options of 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours & 2 days. 




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