What types of reports do I have access to?

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WebReserv comes with several report types that you are view or download.  To access reports in your account, navigate to Frontdesk - Reports.


Reports on Bookings/Customers:

1. Reservation Report - complete bookings report on reservations made by date range.  Search options include by Activity Date (start/end) or Reservation Date (date the booking was made).

2. In/Out Report - For daily/nightly bookings, this report will show a daily view of bookings coming in (arriving) and going out (departing). Search options by Activity Date (start/end).

3. Manifest Report - This report shows tour/passenger manifest(s) for a date or range of dates. Search options by Activity Date.

4. Availability Report - shows an at a glance view of your Daily or Nightly bookings to determine availability.  Search options by number of months - can choose 1 - 12 month view.

5. Utilization Report - gives an overview of what rentals have been booked and their percentage booked based on date range. Search options by Activity Date.

6. Agent/Commission Report - if using the Agent feature, this report will show all bookings made by agent/user and give a commission amount (if set). Search options by Activity Date.

7. Customer Report - give you a complete list of all customers that have made a booking in the system. Search options by Name range and Activity Date (optional).


Reports on Sales/Transactions:

1. Monthly Revenue Report - monthly view of revenue earned from bookings.

2. Sales/Tax Report - shows a monthly view of revenue with additional tax breakdown.

3. Sales Report - gives a complete look at sales per product (rental, room, tour) as well as sales on add-ons and additional charges.  Report can be customized by month and year.

4. Transactions Report - shows all transactions (cash, credit card, PayPal) by date paid.

Important!  Sales, Tax, and Revenue reports will report on the date of the activity, and not on the date the booking was made.  The Transaction report will show all payments on the date they were made.




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