What type of email notifications are sent?

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WebReserv offers standard email notifications that will automatically send to customers when a reservation is made, modified, or cancelled.  In addition, the system comes with business notifications, so you'll get an email, too, when a booking is made. 

Depending on your account level, you also have the ability to customize the standard email templates to include additional text, pictures, and links. (Gold & Enterprise only) 

See a complete list of communication templates available below.  

Email Type Who gets this email? Purpose
Confirmed Email Customer This email notification is sent when a customer makes a reservation and you have indicated in the setup that all reservations are confirmed upon booking.
Pending Email Customer If you are set to 'not' auto-confirm your bookings, or if you Save as Pending when making a booking through Frontdesk, then this email will be sent to the customer.  It is very similar to the Confirmed Email except the Status will indicate Pending.
Declined Email Customer When you have Pending bookings (i.e. do not auto-confirm), then you can decline a reservation. This is the email that will be sent indicating the booking was declined.  Possible reasons for a decline is limited availability or cancelled trip/tour.  
Cancelled Email Customer This email notification will be sent to a customer when a Confirmed reservation is cancelled. It will indicate in the Status line that the reservation is Cancelled.
Pre-Visit Email Customer This email notification is used as an additional email to customers prior to their arrival.  It is usually used to prepare and remind your customers about their upcoming reservation.  The default pre-visit email is sent 7 days prior to the date of arrival.
Post-Visit Email Customer This email notification is sent after your customers leave your place of business.  It includes a link to write a review on your listing page on WebReserv.com, and thanks them for booking with you.  The default post-visit email is sent 4 days after the date of departure.
Business Notification Email Business The email notification will get sent to the business whenever a customer makes a reservation in the system.  You'll also receive a notification when a status change occurs such as Confirmed, Cancelled, or Declined.
Business Reminder Email Business This email notification is a reminder to the business that there is an upcoming reservation.  The default is to send this email 4 days prior to arrival.
Print Form Customer or Business This is not an email, but you can use this print form as a receipt to the customer, or for your records.  This form includes reservation and payment details for individual reservations in the system.

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