How do I view availability of my rentals or rooms?

The WebReserv system consistently monitors your availability to ensure that no products or units get overbooked and it will only allow new bookings to take place if you have available units, rooms or seats.

 In the setup process you indicated how the system should calculate availability. This is the information that the booking system is using to determine how many reservations can be made at any given point in time.

You can view your availability from the Master Calendar. Go to Frontdesk - Master Calendar to view past, present and future bookings.  


Here you will see a dashboard of your products and availability.  The grid shows product names on the left column and dates/times in the top row.  To check availability, select a product and a date. The dashboard will filter based on your selections and show all reservations that are booked for the product and date selected.

On this page, you are able to perform several functions:

  • Update your viewing window using the Zoom level in the top right
  • View/Edit an existing booking by clicking directly on the Reservation Code (WRSA-)
  • View/Edit an availability adjustment (manual block) by clicking on the N/A (not available) link
  • Utilize short cut links to Change Availability and Make New Reservations.

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